From routine maintenance, neck adjustments, special setups, and intonation setups with precision strobe tuning. Action resets, string gauge changes, tremolo setups,  and drop / alternate tuning setups.

Floyd Rose to hardtail.

We offer full  service guitar and bass repairs & setups, full electronics repair, installation, and MODS.

We carry bridges, tuners, pickguards, hardware, switches, controls, jacks, custom electronics and preamp systems. Pickups from Fender (Custom shop, Noiseless, Texas Special, and Vintage), EVH, Gretsch, Lace, Kent Armstrong, Gotoh, and Bartolini.

We specialize in custom electronics and switching setups.

We are a factory authorized service center for:

Fender, Charvel, Jackson, Yamaha, Parker, Oscar Schmidt, DeArmond,

Takamine, Starcaster, Squire, Hagstrom, Heartfield, Gretsch, EVH, Olympia,

Hamer, Jay Turser, Guild, Tacoma, Orpheum, Warwick, and Washburn.

We service all makes, models, and vintage guitars and basses !

Acoustic and Electric !

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