Pictures of some restorations, past and present….

A fully restored Oberheim 2 Voice Synth (2VS) ready for shipping.

Restoring a rare R.A. Minimoog. The cabinet is getting refinished. The action has been rebuilt, leveled, and had the key spacing set. All new bushings were installed, and then relubricated along with the pivot points. The original buss bars and key contacts have been burnished, cleaned and adjusted.

All of the panel controls and switches have been refurbished and cleaned. All of the circuit board edge connectors have been cleaned and tightened.  All of the original connectors wire crimp joints have been soldered, cleaned, and reinstalled to make them much more reliable and stable. This Minimoog had some of the original wiring harness cut apart and removed for some reason. The wiring harness was duplicated and reinstalled from the original drawings, complete with original NOS wire ties.

A fully restored, tuned, and calibrated ARP Odyssey

ready for shipping.

Restoring a Roland Jupiter 8

All of the panel controls and switches have been cleaned and restored. All of the original sliders have been cleaned, relubricated, and new dust felts have been installed on the panel. All of the key contacts were cleaned and adjusted. The LFO pad switch was replaced along with several broken toggle switches and program select switches.

The main power supply was rebuilt with all new capacitors. All of the main boards have had new power supply capacitors installed. The voice boards have all new power capacitors along with new power and ground buss wiring which greatly improves the stability while lowering noise and oscillator bleedthrough.

All of the internal wiring harness connectors were cleaned and tightened. All of the boards were cleaned, and the wiring harness was remounted and relaced.

New dust felts and NOS toggle switches.

An Encore MIDI kit was installed. Below is the installed MIDI interface and additional wiring.

Several bad chips were found and replaced, restoring full operation of all voices and functions. The Jupiter 8 received a new battery, mounted on a new PC board with the power supply for easy replacement. The original factory patches were installed. All functions were fully calibrated, tuned, and tested.

Repaired and restored Moog Drums

Finishing up a 6 month long, major restoration and rebuild of the custom, 2 manual, Oberheim 8 Voice Synth. Originally custom made for Patrick Moraz of Yes and The Moody Blues. Only 6 were known to have been made, and this is the only working example known.

It has received a massive amount of work, replacing many bad logic chips to restore the keyboards and scanners. All of the SEMs were rebuilt. All of the SEM controls and switches were cleaned. The programmer received new memory, and many logic chips to restore it’s operation. The custom “umbilical” cables were repaired, and the gold connectors were burnished and cleaned.

Both keyboards were rebuilt with new bushings, cleaned, and relubricated. All of the buss bars and contacts were burnished and cleaned. Both keyboards were calibrated with their controls matching so each could be reassigned or swapped to the SEMs with no difference in tuning. All of the internal wiring connectors were cleaned or replaced, and all of the SEMs received new oscillator capacitors, and all of the SEMs were calibrated to track each keyboard and themselves perfectly.

Many broken parts, key contacts, controls, and knobs were replaced. Missing hardware was replaced, and many dead circuits and bad parts were replaced with NOS parts. The original logic circuits for the keyboard controllers were analyzed, logic charts made, and the circuits repaired and restored to the original operating parameters.

The finished synth is a monster that is a thrill to play and incredible to hear. Many thanks to the new owner !

A VERY rare Moog Sonic 5 in for restoration.

The Sonic 5 power supply rebuilt with new power supply capacitors and regulators.

The finished Sonic 5, tuned, calibrated, and tested, ready for shipping.

A Steiner Parker Synthacon, restored, calibrated, and tuned.

Restoring a Roland TR808. We found a pile of dirty swabs inside the chassis, left there by a “repair place” who forgot to remove them before reassembling the machine. They certainly clogged up the works….

The fully cleaned, tested, calibrated, and restored 808

Ready to go…

A Roland SH-5 synthesizer undergoing a full electronic and cosmetic restoration.

All panel controls, switches and sliders were cleaned and rebuilt. The old dust felt was replaced. All of the hardware was removed, stripped, and repainted.

Repairs were done to the electronics and components replaced as need to restore each section to proper operation. All of the circuit boards were cleaned, and all of the wiring connectors were burnished and cleaned.

All of the power supply capacitors and regulators were replaced and all of the jacks were burnished, cleaned and restored.

Several broken keys were replaced. All of the keys were removed, cleaned, and polished. All of the key contacts were burnished and cleaned. New key felts were installed and all of the keys were adjusted and leveled.

The original felt lining in the lid was in bad shape.

The original felt was removed and the lid was lined with new, matching felt. The tolex covering was cleaned, reglued, and touched up as needed. All of the cabinet hardware was removed and polished. A new handle and new feet were installed.

The finished SH-5 was fully calibrated, tested, and tuned.

Looking good…..

Back (history)


A fully restored Moog Taurus One with custom key switches

and Blue LED’s for the amazing Alphonso Johnson.

From the ground up, full restoration of 1969 Moog IIIc modular system for a west coast musician and collector. This historic modular was rebuilt using all NOS potentiometers, and rebuilt power supplies using original capacitors. The keyboards were restored with new bushings, the contacts polished and adjusted, and the keys spaced and leveled. Each module was tested and repaired as needed using original components. Each keyboard and module was calibrated, and each of the 10 oscillators were tuned and scaled. Every knob, screw, and wire tie was re-installed in it’s original position.

This masterpiece worked perfectly, played in tune, was a joy to play, and sounded amazing!

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