We have over 30 years of experience servicing and repairing synthesizers. We have been a  factory trained and authorized service center for Moog, Sequential Circuits, Octave Plateau, Crumar, and Ensoniq. We are currently a factory service center for Roland, Yamaha, Kawai, and  Korg.
We offer a wide  range of services on vintage synthesizers and keyboards from basic cleaning, tuning and maintenance to full service repairs, refurbishing, and restorations. We offer free estimates and can contact you with several repair options, usually within a week of getting your instrument in the shop.  We will consult with you before doing any repairs. We use factory and original parts whenever available.
We offer full key action rebuilding on all keyboards that use the Pratt-Reed type action, and most others types as well. Including new key bushings and lubrication, key alignments and spacing, and key leveling using original Pratt-Reed leveling tools.  Key contact burnishing, cleaning, and replacement as needed, new key pivots, and new keys if needed.
We offer cosmetic, hardware, cabinet, wood repair and restorations.
All repairs are finished up with a complete calibration and tuning according to factory specs, done with a precision Peterson strobe tuner, and my picky ears.
We service all makes of vintage synthesizers, analog, digital hybrids, basic to modular........!                             Contact us !

Moog  Repairs

< Minimoog  repair

to Moog Modular repair  >

< Rogue repair

to Memorymoog repair  >

Restored Memorymoogs and Minimoogs ready for final calibration and testing. Click here to see some of our many synth restorations…past and present…

We offer complete Minimoog restorations including wood / cabinet repairs, color touch ups, or complete refinishes. Replacement wheels, circuit repairs, factory upgrades ( if requested ) and tuning. Repair or replace panel controls and switches, power supply rebuilding, and even oscillator rebuilds for greatly improved stability.

Restore the original playability and sound !!

We use original parts whenever possible and do no repairs or upgrades without discussing it with you first.

Click here to see a little Thesis Audio Service history with Moog Music...

* Taurus Pedals Service and Repair *

We can rebuild Taurus pedals from the ground up! Featuring full restoration, cleaning , voicing, and tuning.

We can replace the old key contacts with a new, custom keyswitch set for a quicker, reliable key action !

Oberheim  Repairs

< OB 1 repair

to Eight Voice repair  >

< OBXa to Matrix 12 repairs >

Sequential Circuits Repairs

< Pro -One repair

to Prophet 600 repair >

< Prophet 5  repair

to Prophet 10 repair >

ARP  Repairs

< Axxe repair

to Odyssey repair >

We offer ARP 2600 upgrades and repairs including all of the above services plus.....

ARP 2600 reverb unit upgrades using high quality Accutronics reverb assemblies plus audio path chip upgrades for quieter output and improved sonic performance.

Roland Repairs

< SH-09 repair

to System 700 repair >

< Juno 60 repair

to Jupiter 8 repair >

Octave  Repairs

< Kitten repair

to Cat repair >

“ Being a vintage synthesizer player and enthusiast myself, I am very much into the repair and restoration of these instruments. With over 30 years of experience with them, I have been around most of these instruments since they were new, and I understand how they should sound and feel.

Servicing these instruments can be very challenging due to age problems and parts availability, but a properly restored and calibrated vintage synthesizer is worth every effort.......”

Please call or email me with any questions....... We offer FREE estimates !


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Vintage Synthesizer Repair, Service, and Restorations

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Vintage Synthesizer Repair

Analog Synthesizer Repair

< Omni repair

to Quadra repair >

Korg  Repairs

< MS20 repair to

Mono/Poly repair >

<Polysix repair

to T3 repair >

Drum Machine Repairs

Synthesizer / Sound Module Repairs

And many, many more….!!

Restored Oberheim family, OBXa, DX, and DSX

Checkout some past vintage synthesizer restorations

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